You will find answers to frequently asked questions under the following links.

Where can I buy tickets? All possibilities to buy tickets for HELLERAU can be found here

What are the payment methods? On site you can pay cash and by EC card. In the Visitor Centre you can also pay by credit card with Visa- or Master-Card from 20 € or by invoice up to ten days before the performance. 

I did not receive a booking confirmation when I bought my ticket online, what should I do? Maybe our confirmation has landed in your spam folder? If there is nothing there, please contact our ticket hotline (T +49 351 264 62 46). 

How do I get an invoice for my purchased tickets? Should you require an invoice, we will be happy to issue it on request. Please let us know before you purchase. 

How long does it take to send my tickets? In the case of a purchase by invoicing, the tickets will be shipped after payment has been made for a fee of two euros. This usually takes two working days. If you wish, we can deposit the paid tickets at the box office. 

Can I also reserve tickets? In general, we are happy if you decide to buy a ticket. In the case of an invoice purchase, the tickets will be provisionally reserved for you for three weeks. In exceptional cases it is also possible to obtain them at the box office. 

Can purchased tickets be returned? Sold tickets will not be taken back by HELLERAU, except in the case of a change or cancellation of the performance. If possible, however, we will try to exchange the tickets accordingly. 

What discounts are available? Reduced prices apply to children, schoolchildren*, students, trainees, volunteers in the social year, in the Federal Voluntary Service or voluntary military service, unemployed persons and recipients* of benefits according to SGBII and XII, holders* of the Dresden Pass, holders* of honorary passes, people who belong to the group of eligible persons according to §1 of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz), as well as severely disabled persons from 80 percent (GdB) and their accompanying person. More information can be found in the AGB’s under “Admission Prices”. Irrespective of this, by using our HELLERAU Card you have the opportunity to experience our programme at half price. 

Are there group prices? Group tickets are valid for groups of 10 persons or more who receive a free accompanying person ticket. A group ticket is available at 18, 12 or 8 €, depending on the price level 23, 17 or 11 €. The reduced group ticket is valid for those entitled to a reduction and costs € 6, regardless of the price level. 

How does the box office open? The box office opens two hours before the event and is located in the Festspielhaus. 

Are vouchers also available? Vouchers for 10, 20, 30 or 40 € can be purchased at the Visitor Centre, at all Reservix advance booking offices and in our web shop. Click here to go to the webshop

How long are the vouchers valid for? Our vouchers are valid for at least three years. The residual value is saved each time and can be charged for the next purchase. A payment of the residual value is not possible.

How do I get to the Festspielhaus HELLERAU? All information on how to get there can be found here

Is the ticket also valid as a public transport ticket? The ticket is not valid as a public transport ticket. You can find ticket information on local public transport here. 

Where can I park my bicycle? Bicycle stands are located on the east side of the Festspielhaus (next to the main entrance on the right) and in front of the visitor centre. 

Where can I park my car? You can park your car directly in front of the Festspielhaus on our premises. 

Does the parking cost anything? Parking is free of charge

How do I orientate myself in the Festspielhaus HELLERAU? The Festspielhaus is divided into East and West. On the east side (on the right hand side when entering the house) you will find the box office, cloakroom and ladies’ toilet, the pastamanufactory and the side stage east on the ground floor. Also the Dalcroze Hall, as well as the East Corner Salon and East Studio on the first floor. On the west side you will find the men’s toilet, a disabled toilet and a second cloakroom at ground level. On the west side there are the Nancy Spero Hall on the ground floor, the Music Room, the Corner Salon West and the Studio West on the upper floor. The Great Hall is located in the middle and extends over two floors. The south gallery is on the 1st floor, access is via both staircases. 

Where can I find more information about the event? At the box office you will receive evening slips for our events with further information on the artists, companies and other events. As a rule, after every first event there will be an audience discussion with the artists*. This will be indicated in the programme. For selected events, we also offer additional literature for viewing and sale.

HELLERAU is working on reducing barriers and thus creating further access for many people. Identifying barriers, naming them and removing them where possible is a long-term process. Please send your questions and suggestions by e-mail to barrierefrei@hellerau.org. In the following you will find information about our offers for a visit to HELLERAU that is as barrier-free as possible.

Where’s the entrance? As a rule, the entrance is directly in front of the respective event room. In some cases admission to the Great Hall is organised via the Dalcroze Hall. If you have any questions, please contact the Visitor Service. 

When does admission begin? Admission begins around 15 minutes before the performance. Depending on the staging, this is shortened for some performances. 

Do I come in with a mobile phone ticket? Of course. Please make sure that the barcode or QR code of your ticket is clearly visible. 

I forgot to print my print-at-home ticket. Please contact the box office prior to admission. Your print-at-home ticket can be printed there. 

Where can I leave my wardrobe? Cloakrooms are located on the east and west sides of the building and are free of charge. We ask you to return large bags and backpacks and bulky items for fire protection reasons. These may not be taken into the spectator area. 

May I take my drink with me into the auditorium? Drinks may not be taken into the auditorium unless the artistic format allows it. This regulation serves to protect against the risk of injury. 

Are the seats numbered? In order to ensure equal rights and freedom of choice in the choice of seats, there is free seating in the Festspielhaus. In the event halls there are spectator stands which provide a good view of the stage. 

I am too late, can I still go to the performance? We try to allow a later admission. However, there are performances where this is not possible due to the staging. We ask for your understanding and timely appearance. In case you are unable to attend the performance in time due to traffic problems, please call the box office at +49 351 264 62 44.

Can I bring children? You are welcome to bring your children, but please note the age rating of our productions. We also organise programmes for children and/or young people.

Is there a restaurant? With our new partners from the Lago Bar, we are currently redesigning our guest rooms. Until then, we offer drinks before and after the events at the bar cart in front of the Festspielhaus. 

How is the restaurant open? The Pastamanufaktur is open Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:30, and on event days from 17:00 to one hour after the end of the event. 

Can I reserve a table? Yes, it is possible to reserve a table at the Pasta Manufaktur. Please contact the restaurant on +49 351 323 7797. 

Can I have my family or company party there? You are welcome to reserve rooms in the restaurant. Please call +49 351 323 7797 or use this reservation form

Can I reserve drinks for the breaks? The Lago Bar is happy to offer this service.

Are guided tours of the Festspielhaus offered? Every Friday at 2 p.m. and every 3rd Sunday of the month at 11 a.m. we offer a guided tour through the history of the Festspielhaus. We also offer other guided tours on request. You can find more information here

Does the Festspielhaus offer project days for schools? The Festspielhaus offers project days for schools. For more information, click here

History of the Festspielhaus HELLERAU Information on the history of the house can be found here.

I lost something at the Festspielhaus, what can I do? If you miss something, you can contact our Visitor Centre at +49 351 264 62 46 or ticket@hellerau.org Lost and found items are kept there in the west side building. These are regularly handed over to the municipal lost property office. If you notice the loss on site, our front building staff will be happy to assist you.

Is it allowed to photograph or film at events for private use? Sound and/or video recordings of events by visitors are strictly prohibited for copyright reasons. More information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions

Can I pay at the book counter with a card? Unfortunately, card payment is not yet possible at our book counter at the moment. Is there a defibrillator in the Festspielhaus? The defibrillator is located in the cloakroom on the east side. 

Can I contact employees directly? If you know which department is responsible for your request, you will find the appropriate contact person here with contact details. Otherwise, please contact the head office at + 49 351 264620. 

Who can I contact if I have a suggestion? If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact the Communications Department. Simone Michel, Head of Ticketing Visitor Centre, will be happy to receive your suggestions: zschoemitzsch@hellerau.org