HYBRID BOX – Modular Gallery for Digital Arts

Moritz Frei | I don’t believe in dinosaurs. (2017/2021) | 19.11.2021 – 13.02.2022

Since March 2021, the light artwork “I don’t believe in dinosaurs. has been shining from the roof of the Galerie der Gegenwart of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, appealing directly to the viewers in the museum’s outdoor area: “I don’t believe in dinosaurs. It is the statement of a child after seeing the dinosaur skeletons in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and doubting their authenticity. The work of Moritz Frei (*1978) poses questions about individual attitudes – about how we inform ourselves, how we tell about things and seek exchange with others. 

HYBRID is now bringing Moritz Frei’s work to Dresden, but is deliberately presenting it in the HYBRID BOX container, which is not accessible but can be viewed at the same time. The artwork as well as the child’s statement thus take on a documentary character, are set as a historical statement. On the other hand, the HYBRID BOX demands and enables an active and curious appropriation and open discussion until the last day of the presentation, 13 February, which is not only memorable for Dresden.

In his materiality, Berlin-based artist Moritz Frei draws on the work of US conceptual artists who discovered the neon tube as a means of artistic expression in the 1960s. After Frei was a guest at the Dresden Contemporary Music Days in 2019 with “Antitussivum”, with this work he focuses above all on the expression of a personal doubt, on the questioning of truths and certainties.

HYBRID Box is a new modular gallery that presents experimental and interdisciplinary art by local and international artists, and at the same time accompanies the beginning of the conversion of the original east wing of the barracks on the Hellerau festival grounds.

HYBRID establishes a new international platform for the arts in the digital age and critical phases of global transformation processes, funded within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

HYBRID Box is a project in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts and PYLON. The HYBRID Box Programme 2021 is supported by MUTEK, Goethe Institut, Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada.

Technical direction: Tobias Blasberg

Production Management: Michael Lotz

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